Crushed Opal Multi-Teal OP1

Crushed Opal Multi-Teal OP1

Crushed opal Multi Teal OP1  is an economical alternative to natural opal.  It features attractive flashes of color, adding interest and variety to one-of-a-kind designs.
This crushed opal provides an attractive light-catching re factions called "play of color"  quality that looks great when used for pendants, drops,  earrings, craft inlays or where you just want to fill a void with a little sparkle.
Some people have called this product by other names: Lab Opal, Synthetic opal, Black opal, craft opal, Manufactured opal, Ethiopian opal, Mexican opal, Australian opal or even fire opal.  Either way it is an opal and it is grown and can take up to 18 months to grow.  If you make jewelry or arts and crafts this is a must have to spruce up any piece of work.  Currently, Cremation Creations is one of the very few companies that carries All the colors, that the manufacturer carries

All Opal is sold in 1 gram packets and that is the standard for all opal outlet sources.  Please note that 1 gram is a small amount but you can make 2 rings with it.
the opal I provide is considered to be fine to medium.   The mesh grade I currently have is 160 mesh and is between .5mm to 2mm.  If you are looking for the bigger pieces aka chunkier pieces call me and let me know. I will do my best to collect the biggest pieces availible.

Please note: I do not give it any funny name like Alien blood stone, lave rock or Caribbean Blue like others.  I give you the real name by the manufacturer. I feel that is deceitful as you will only be able to find it under that name through that person.  If they don't have stock and don't know any better, your S.O.L.

All  manufacturer colors availible:  By manufacturer name

OP1     Multi-Teal
OP2     Marine
OP3    Moon Yellow
OP4    Lemon Yellow
OP5    Blue Pacific
OP6    Azure
OP7    Deep Sea Coral
OP8    Angel Skin
OP9    Magenta
OP10   Bubble Gum
OP11   Kiwi
OP12   Lime Green
OP13   Peacock
OP14    Ocean Blue
OP15    Black Cherry
OP16    Multi-Green
OP17    Fire & Snow
OP18    Sun & Ice
OP19    Black Opal 1
OP20    Multi-cherry
OP21    Green Olive
OP22    Rose Pink
OP23    Carmine
OP24    Salmon Pink
OP25    Alizarin Crimson
OP26    Cornflower Blue
OP27    Royal Blue
OP28    Citrine
OP29    Space Blue
OP30    Fire Opal
OP31    Mexico Opal
OP32    Black Opal 2
OP33    Black Opal 3
OP34    Black Opal 4
OP35    Black Opal 5
OP36    Peacock Blue
OP37    Multi-Fire Opal
OP38    Multi-Lavender
OP39    Royal Lavender
OP40    Multi-Violet
OP41    Multi-Amethyst
OP42    Royal Pink
OP43    Hot Pink
OP44    Multi-Grape
OP45    Flame Opal
OP46    Golden Olive
OP47    Sleepy Fire Opal
OP48    Sleepy Mexico Opal
OP49    Red Wine
OP50    Sleepy Blue
OP51    Sleepy Lavender 1
OP52    Sleepy Lavender 2
OP53    Sleepy Violet
OP54    Sleepy Water Lily
OP55    Mimosa
OP56    Honeydew
OP57    Brink Pink
OP58    Carnation Pink
OP59    Mexican Pink
OP60    Heliotrope
OP61    Orchid
OP62    Jungle Green
OP63    Lake Blue
OP64    Vanilla
OP65     Cream Soda
OP66    Melon
OP67    Amber
OP68    Spring Bud
OP69    Spring Garden
OP70    Multi Olive
OP71    Black Opal
OP72    Mint Green
OP73    Tiffany Blue
OP74    Multi Cornflower
OP75    Starry Night
OP76    Royal Purple
OP77    Royal Blue Grey
OP78    Blue Grey


OP80    Fire Turquoise

OP81    Peach 

OP82    Green Apple

OP83    Pink Snow

OP84    Lime Soda

OP85     Unicorn Blue

OP86     Magic Lake

OP87     Unicorn Purple

OP88     Mercury

OP89     Black Opal (7)

OP90     Black Opal (8)

OP91     Night Indigo




  • Crushed Opal for inlay, jewelry making 



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