Cremation Jewelry - Ring - 14 k Gold Inlaid with ash and Opal

Cremation Jewelry - Ring - 14 k Gold Inlaid with ash and Opal

This 14-karat yellow gold ring features a 4mm-wide channel with rounded, raised edges. Cremation Ashes will be inserted and inlaid with Availible Opal color of your choice. 

  • Jewelry can be fragile — even a well-constructed ring may fall victim to being knocked and dinged against hard surfaces, even dislodging the opal and ashes. Cremation Creations dose not cover any damage or repairs that occur with the normal wear of the jewelry or any abusive wear. Generally, guests confuse abusive with being extremely rough with the jewelry. This is sometimes the case, but not always. Gold and other precious metals are soft and can shape easily with wear. However, even gold alloys have their limits. The warranty is 30 days from time you receive it. I will always honor my craftsmenship but if the ring is damaged in any form cremation Creations can not be held liable for the damage or the outcome.

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