Cremation Ring Inlaid With Ashes Crushed Opal

Titanium ring inlaid with T-Rex fossil opal and glow powder

Titanium ring inlaid with certified Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) Fossil Bones, Opal and Glow powder. This piece of artwork has been In the making for millions of years. It loved in the late cretaceous period only to become extinct 65 million years ago. The fossil was sourced from the Hell Creek Formation Eastern MT.

A real T-Rex fossil is hard to come by and even harder to get into. Piece of jewelry that you can wear everyday, without paying an arm or leg. In the past some T-Rex specimens have fetched millions of dollars. This is an opportunity to own your piece of history without paying the high price tag.
Currently, Cremation Creations only has enough to make 16 additional rings, after those are goes sourcing a certified Tyrannosaurus will most definitely cost more, with some competitors asking for $1100 starting price.

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